This drug is used to prevent blood clots. Xarelto is a blood thinner that works as well as just about any drug like it, but the distinguishing factor is that if you start bleeding, you might bleed to death as there is no antidote. Claimants have accused Xarelto’s manufacturer of failing to warn them of this side effect. Attorneys are contending that if physicians and patients had known of the uncontrolled bleeding risk, an alternative drug with a common antidote would have been used. If Xarelto was prescribed for you or a loved one, and resulted in uncontrolled bleeding, call me, and we can arrange for a consultation and case evaluation at no cost and with no obligation. You certainly would not be the first person to participate in a case against the manufacturer of Xarelto.

Both state and federal laws have been put in place to protect the public from dangerous medications. They include statutes involving fraud and false and misleading advertising. Most consumers are unaware of their rights, and they feel ineffective in their attempts to obtain compensation from pharmaceutical companies worth billions of dollars. I stand ready to use both California and federal law in protecting and asserting your right to compensation for injuries or your family’s right for compensation for a death caused by a dangerous medication or medical device.