Wage and Hour Law Violations

California’s minimum wage is $10.00 per hour while federal law only requires $7.25 per hour. Some California cities like here in San Diego even require a minimum wage rate that’s higher than the state minimum. Employers might violate California wage and hour laws by:

  • Not paying the state minimum wage
  • Paying a salary that translates into less than the state minimum wage
  • Simply not paying employees for all of the hours that they worked in a pay period
  • Unpaid overtime
  • Not permitting times for lunch or breaks
  • Classifying employees as management or independent contractors to circumvent wage and hour laws

Wage and hour law is highly complicated. As a highly experienced employment law attorney, I’m well suited to protect your rights and interests. Employers who try to circumvent wage and hour laws must be held responsible. I’ll force your employer to recognize your rights.

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