Unsafe Products

Manufacturers of products have both a social and legal obligation to provide consumers and users with products that aren’t dangerously defective. When products are dangerously defective and injure or kill people, product liability lawsuits can be filed. I’m committed to getting full compensation for my clients who have suffered severe injuries from dangerously defective products. Common types of unsafe products are:

  • Unsafe industrial and construction equipment
  • Defective automotive equipment
  • Products designed for children that injure them
  • Dangerous medical machinery and devices
  • Pharmaceutical drugs that injure or kill patients

If a product is proved to be dangerously defective, strict liability can attach. It can be determined to be dangerously defective in one of three ways. Those are:

  • Design defects that are inherent in every product in the product line
  • Manufacturing defects that cause a product to be different than all of the others in its line
  • Inadequate warnings or instructions involving how the product is to be used

The product that caused the injury must have been used in its normal and intended use, and it cannot have been altered from the condition it was in at the time it was sold. Those who can be held liable under product liability law include the manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler and retailer. Proving a product liability case can be a difficult and tedious endeavor. That’s why you will want a seasoned and persistent litigator and advocate who can focus on and articulate even the finest details of your case.