This is a permanent birth control device consisting of inner and outer metal coils that are implanted in a woman’s fallopian tubes. The outer coil is made of titanium. Human tissue grows around titanium and adheres to it. The tissue growing around the device eventually develops into a barrier of scar tissue that prevents fertilization. Aside from chronic pelvic pain, severe complications from implantation of the device include:

  • Migration and possible expulsion of the device
  • Potentially fatal ectopic pregnancies
  • Tearing of the pelvic organs requiring surgical repair
  • The need for a hysterectomy to remove the device

Both physicians and patients have made over 5,000 reports of serious complications involving the Essure device, including 11 deaths. Five of those were fetal deaths involving women who became pregnant after implantation of the device. If you’ve suffered severe complications from implantation of an Essure device, contact me, and I’ll listen carefully and answer your questions. We can then determine how we might proceed further.