Civil Rights Violations

More and more, we have seen examples of police brutality and civil rights violations all over the country. The abuse and violations are not new—what is new is how often we see them, due in large part to cameras on phones and police body cameras.

At Polek Law, we believe strongly in protecting the rights of those who have had their civil rights violated at the hands of the police. No person should be wrongfully arrested or beaten, tased, pepper-sprayed, etc. for no good reason.

A wrongful arrest can be a violation of your Fourth Amendment Rights for a seizure without a warrant or probable cause. If you are beaten, tased, pepper-sprayed, etc. for no good reason, you could also have a claim for denial of your Eighth Amendment Rights against cruel and unusual punishment. There are other rights that could also be involved depending on your circumstance.

If you have had your civil rights violated, you may be entitled to make a claim against the appropriate governmental entity and file a lawsuit to seek compensation for the wrongful denial of your civil rights. We have extensive experience in bringing such claims.

Please contact us for a no-cost consultation to see if you have a civil rights claim.